Sunday, April 13, 2014

Street Art: Washington, D.C.

Spent last Friday in Washington DC checking out the art in the National gallery and also the Hirshhorn Museum. The photo above is part of the National Gallery's Sculpture Garden. This is part of the bench that surrounds a fountain pond. In the back is a stabile by Calder. I choose the red stripes on the Zonkey to compliment Calder's red.

I really enjoyed the Hirshhorn's recent exhibit titled Damage Control: Art and Destruction. There was one work of art where the artist didn't like what he created so he burned it and baked it into cookies. How fun os that?! You know what else is fun? A Zonkey. So now the Hirshhorn has one. Their collection is now complete!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Street Art: Apex and Raleigh

Along with the street art I saw when I was in San Diego, I'm now trying to do a better job of documenting the Zonkey street art I find from all my travels.  

Here are some recent examples from Apex and Raleigh. I also have some to post from my trip to DC.. coming soon!

Zonkey on a train in Apex NC

Zonkey on a wall at City Market Raleigh, NC

Words in Art

April 12, 2014 | 3:00p – 7:00p

Join us for an afternoon of wine and cheese, and book and poetry readings. View our April exhibition, Words in Art, including the Apex High School Showcase and meet some of the talented writers and poets working in the Raleigh area. 

Text Art by Emma

To celebrate this event, Apex Art Teacher Ian Sands has made three of his books available as free downloads!


Jirst Bluefin's biggest problem is being ignored. Kacela Middleton is the one person in the world who is never ignored. Jirst is about to discover that sometimes it's better to be ignored for no reason than to become popular over nothing at all.

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Tucker's Aunt Nyce is his mom's little sister only she isn't that little and she isn't that nice. He has to get used to it though because he's stuck working at her beach restaurant The Crab & Grab for the next two weeks.

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Crushing Turtles

Tori crushes turtles. She crushes box turtles and painted turtles, sliders and musk turtles. She secretly wishes she could go to the beach and step on baby sea turtles as they leave the nest. The only turtle Tori hasn’t crushed; the only one she wants to crush, lives in that lake. It waits at the bottom buried in the mud. Tori has never seen it but she knows its there... and she hates it.

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Text Art by Lizzie

Text Art by Madyson

Text Art by Curtis

Monday, April 07, 2014


The Zonkey, yes a real animal a hybrid mix of a zebra and a donkey, has been a staple of Apex Art Teacher Mr. Sands' critter drawings. Sands has painted Zonkey on a bus, on a billboard and on his business cards (see below). 

Still, Sands has always had one problem. Translating the 2D drawing to a 3D creation. Though he tried numerous times, he was never successful in his attempt. 

Finally today, the vision of the 3D Zonkey was brought to fruition by student Megan. You may remember Megan from such classes as Art Two.

"Look Sands, Megan's Zonkey is better than yours!" stated (soon to be x-Apex Art Teacher) Kimberly Sudkamp. 

Sands was ecstatic to see such a well created stuffed Zonkey. "I'm ecstatic to see such a well created stuffed Zonkey," stated Sands. "This is the best day of my life!"

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

San Diego Street Art

Everyone in San Diego is a Zonkey. The advertisement at the bus stop wouldn't lie!

All along Pacific Beach there are these ugly, cement barriers. One each barrier is spray painted, No Smoking. These are ugly. Zonkey makes them less ugly. Zonkey makes them beautiful!

We stayed at Tower 23 Hotel in Pacific Beach. Very contemporary. Very Zonkey!

Parking? No. Zonkey? Yes!

All the electrical boxes in San Diego are painted. I didn't have time to "paint" one but still managed to make it Zonkeylishus!

Back from NAEA14 San Diego!

For Spring break I flew to sunny San Diego for the 2014 National Art Education Association Conference. That was fun! Here is a quick look at the people, place and presentations I met, went to, was involved with...

The Place:

The conference was held in downtown San Diego right next to the Gaslamp District. It was also pretty close to Pacific Beach (see photo above). I tell you what, I liked this place. Except everyone in California runs.. after a while I felt like yelling at them to sit down and take a break!

San Diego is not far from LA and there is a lot of famous street art in LA.

Now, there is a lot of street art in San Diego...

No, actually I created both these on my iPad on the plane ride back. Virtual street art :)

The People:

On Sunday Morning I joined the old gang for a Davis sponsored coffee Art 2.0 Meet Up. This is an amazing line up of educators including Tricia FuglestadTheresa McGeeCraig Roland and Art 21 Star Samantha Melvin to name a few..

Janine Campbell was there, participating in International Bring A Scone To Art Class Day.. keeping it international because she is from Canada.. well, Michigan, but close enough.

I also had a chance to hang out with a few of my Teaching for Artistic Behaviors friends like Katherine Douglas. Here I am sitting with Nan Hathaway. She is my new BFF as you can tell because she sat right next to me.

I also spent some time with the Art of Education peeps! Cassie Stephens who has a new art related outfit every day, Mr. E who has a new bulletin board every week, and Jessica Balsley to whom I send 4 new articles every month. Wow, I saw a lot of people!

The Presentations:

The one complaint anyone can have about an NAEA conference is that there are too many great sessions to choose from! I'll tell you upfront if there was one session that was my "Wow" session it was Art 21: Teaching With Contemporary Art. It reminded me of all the great things theme based teaching has to offer. So more of that to come! I also sat in on some great TAB/Choice sessions. So yes, more student direct teaching to come.

In between going to sessions I also presented. Above is from the ignite session. it was 20 slides in 5 minutes. The slides change automatically so you have to talk quickly.

Above are a few photos someone took from that same presentation and posted on Twitter.  Interesting, the slides chosen..

* Opening slide,
* International Scone Day slide,
* Nicholas Sparks same stuff inside different shell outside slide,
* and Picasso was a jerk slide.

Photo of the sun setting on the last night in San Diego...

Monday, March 24, 2014

The 2014 NAEA National Convention!

If you're looking for me you better be heading to California! This week I will be attending the 2014 NAEA National Convention in San Diego, CA.

So first, if you’re a convention attendee, you are probably looking for that free book. Well here is the link! It will be available free from March 29th - 31st.

Free download: Click Here!

Now, the 2014 NAEA National Convention? What's that you ask? It's a gathering of more than 5,000 visual art teachers, university professors and museum educators. We all get together with the common goal of advancing art education.

Presenting You Say?

Yes! Not only am I attending but I'm also presenting. How exciting, yes I know! Chances are I might even talk about a project you worked on or even show a photo of your art.

On Saturday I'll be co-presenting with Jessica Balsley on a presentation titled Using iPads in the Art Room. Jessica is the founder of the Art of Education blog. Did you know that I was a contributing writing for the Art of Education? See, you learn something new every day!

So Sunday morning, between 11 and 12, I'll be at the Art Of Ed booth #310 for a Meet and Greet! The AOE Team will be representing this year’s NAEA Convention. There will be 8 great team members in attendance! Alecia Eggers, Derek Balsley, Jessica Balsley, Kelly Berwager, Nic Hahn, Sarah Dougherty,  Sarah Welch and me!.  Stop by and say hi! Stop by and say hi!

On Sunday I'll be co-presenting with Robb Sandagata, Sherri Fisher and Jack Watson. That’s a pretty amazing lineup! We are presenting New Weird Ideas! How appropriate :)

Then, also on Sunday, I’ll be presenting in the main ballroom! Yes, the one that holds everyone! So needless to say, I’m a bit nervous about that one... It’s the Ignite Session. 20 slides in five minutes!

As a special added bonus I'm pretty sure that Davis Publications will be handing out free copies of the April issue of SchoolArts Magazine that just happens to include and article about the Singing Tiger project we did right here at Apex High School! 

So that’s the deal. I’ll be back after Spring Break and if this year is anything like last year, I’ll be coming home with some very innovative ideas that will keep Apex at the Peak of Great Art making!!

Oh, one more thing... Look for my business cards. They come complete with crayons so no matter what, at least you can have fun coloring in the Zonkey!!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Love Is Better Than Pancakes : February 2014

Love Is Better Than Pancakes is a monthly post of artwork that explores the temporary state of the subject matter. Each month, through a set of five images, a material will be explored. Each image, like the subject they explore, are temporary and will be replaced by the next month’s set.

February 2014:

The Samsung Galaxy phone incorporates swype technology. This allows the user to simply swipe a finger from one letter to another in order to produce text, eliminating the need to press each individual letter.

I wondered what would happen if I swiped the screen without putting any thought into what words I wanted to appear. I drew little zig zags and circles and then captured whatever words the Galaxy thought I swyped.