Sunday, September 21, 2008

SCBWI-NC Conference 2008

Spent the weekend at the SCBWI-NC Conference and I gotta tell you, I'm remotivated! It didn't even take all that much time for the remotivationism to start working. Friday night, Pam Zollman and her 2 godzillion handouts was all I needed.

The thing is, I was pretty demotivatedismed. A few close calls hit Holyfield harder than simple form letter rejections. i know I shouldn't be such a baby. But there you have it..

So I'll write more all about it but later after sleep and cookies and more sleep. In the meantime I'll leave a few tips to those in attendance.

1. Thanks Pam! I needed that.
2. Anita Silvey: Great hats. Plus, wow! You did your research.
3. Alyssa Henkin: remember to breathe!
4. Martha Mihalick; Of course, i'll let you publish my book! Silly!
5. Stephanie Greene: I love you in Love Among the Ruins
6. Alan Gratz: Grrrrrr! I was here first!
7. Maggie Moe: Ouch! That's gonna bruise!


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