Saturday, September 12, 2009

Critter Goes on Tour!

the lost critter project

This is Critter the Cow. you may remember Critter from the Lost Critter Project. Critter was one of the 500 critters created and then hid in downtown Apex, NC. See photo below -->

the lost critter project

The Lost Critter Project is over but Critter has found another project to take part in and this one, i had nothing to do with.

Turns out the owner of the blog Christy's Creative Space thought it would be a fun idea to send Critter on a Blog tour. Christy posted a photo of Critter on her blog and challenged her reader to give her a good reason to send Critter their way.

In return, the winner would give Critter a tour of the town, take him out and show him a good time and then a few days latter, have their own contest giveaway. The winner of that contest would do the same until Critter had made his way around 15 blogs to finally end up back here in apex, NC.

the lost critter project

The first first place Critter went was to Texas were he visited the blog of PJ Hoover. My understanding is that Critter had a great time in Texas, were he spent some quality time with a couple of tortoise.

You can keep track of Critter's adventures at Christy's Creative Space.

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