Monday, May 28, 2012

Don't Want to Jump The Shark

So this weekend I made some Critter Shelves, which is something I've wanted to do for a while now... even though I'm not real keen on having an exhibit // all this I explained in my last post.

I thought maybe it would be funny to give the critters some attitude so I gave them thought bubbles that said mean things. I thought it was sort of funny cause you have these sort of cute critters being sort of not cute.. but in honesty, I didn't really like them.. even though I thought they worked..

Then, an anonymous commenter wrote that I had jumped the shark! Ouch! I don't want to jump the shark! However, I had been thinking of another idea all along.. here it is...

I'm going to leave the thought bubble blank. Also, I'm going to make it out of some kind of white, metallic metal (or are all metallics metal?). 

Then, I'm going to get me some of them magnet letters like the ones above. I'll spray paint them all one solid color.. probably black... and leave then on the shelf.

Now, it will be up to the viewer to decide what the critter says. Like your critters mean? Write some thing mean. Like your critters nice? .. you get the idea.

Then these book shelves can sit in my studio forever cause I'm not having anymore shows... 

but that's that's another post.


Theresa Gillespie said...

You could also use those magnetic poetry kits - To have people express what the critter is thinking

Anonymous said...

Love Love!

Maybe Marbles would like something like this.

(Same anonymous from previous post.)