Saturday, April 22, 2006

Robot: A Repost

I spent most of today finishing last week’s Illustration Friday word, spotted. So I thought I might cheat a little this week and repost for Robot.

I think I can get away with this because if you haven’t been to the The Metal Marble website, you are in for a treat. I would like to recommend you stop by The Crab & Grab restaurant and create your own menu!

The Metal Marble is the story of Tucker and his cousin Trist who find a metal marble floating in the ocean. The metal marble opens with an explosion of green slime. What hatches from the marble is a half real, half robotic wind-up sea turtle.


steve said...

Wild stuff--turtles and robots are a winning combination.

Twisselman said...

Great site! Visited the Metal Marble and the Crab and Grab (didn't like the menu I came up with... yuck).

Willie Baronet said...

Great idea! Nice wind up turtles. :-)