Saturday, April 15, 2006


A few weeks ago I took my sketch book to the zoo. I knew I wanted to work with the sketches and create a painting. The hold up, I just couldn’t picture an illustration with a buffalo. It seemed sort of boring. Then I saw this week’s Illustration Friday word, Spotted, and thought, well that works.

This is one of the sketches from the zoo. It’s not so wonderful but really, who knew those stinken buffalo move so often. I thought for sure that a buffalo would just stand still.

This is the sketch for the painting.

This is the first layer of paint. Next, I'll work in some black outline and them it's on to the scribbles.


The Unknown said...

Love it. Love seeing the process too.

disappointed said...

oooh i like this! will have to check back for the next stage!

Leigh Anne said...

what a great idea. i like how the spots look a little three dee in the last update.

Majane said...

very nice!