Wednesday, March 29, 2006

And there’s a break in the action...

OK, this might not be writing or illustrating but it was a once in a lifetime event and too cool not to blog.

Last night I stood between the same pipes where Martin Gerber, Cam Ward, Weekes and Irbe have stood before. Not to mention Ed Belfour, Martin Brodueur, Rick Dipietro, and Dominik Hasek to name a few. The ice; the RBC Center for the Carolina Hurricanes University.

As part of the program we met Chuck Kaiton the voice for the Carolina Hurricanes. From deep inside the RBC Center, Chuck Kaiton gave us a tour of his studio. From there we went upward to the top of the center for a view from the press boxes.

The rest of the night was the on-ice session, running drills and reviewing plays with Carolina coach and former left winger, Jeff Daniels.

At one point I took off my glove and touched the ice. I thought about tasting it but...

: )

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