Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Raleigh Area SCBWI Schmooze

See the lady in the hat. Her name is Leah Palmer Preiss. Leah is an illustrator and was also the presentor at the Raleigh Area SCBWI Schmooze we had last Saturday at the Quail Ridge Books & Music.

I hadn’t met Leah before but was familiar with her work. She had sort of a Blossom thing going on with the crazy hat. I found out later she is known for her collection of crazy hat’s. It was of a releif cause to be honest, I thought her work was almost creepy (in a good way... good creepy :) and was half expecting some goth, Marilyn Manson chick to show up.

Another thing that was pleasantly surprising was how cool her presentation was. I expected she would come and show some illustrations, maybe do a PowerPoint presentation or what-have-you. Instead she played this cool game.

Everyone was given 7 pieces of paper with a word written on it. The words were like: thing, color, shape, change, person, word, idea. . . hmm, there were more but that’s all I can think of right now.

On the back of each paper we wrote something that we thought of when we saw the word. For example, one of my words was ‘change’ so on the back I wrote diaper. I also had ‘color’ so I wrote hot pink. After we wrote our words, we exchanged the 7 papers with someone else. Then we had to arrange the words we were given into a short story. It was so funny to hear what people came up with.

Some of the other people in the photo are Marnie Brooks who teaches a class on writing children’s books at Meredith College. Also, Mary Jane, who is the person who started our local SCBWI group, though she has only been to one meeting :) The other thing in the photo is the soda I brought.

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