Saturday, March 04, 2006

But First, a Hockey Story

Finally felt well enough after that nasty sickness to get back out on the ice Sunday night. Substituted for an A/B league because their goalie was out with a knee injury.

We tied and the game lasted 6 more shots in a shoot out. The second to last shot went to the right but I thought it was going left. I stopped that puck with my right leg but my left leg still went the other direction.

So now the league curse follows me as I sit here with a leg brace from ankle to thigh due to, you guessed it, a knee injury. Needless to say, I didn’t make the last save.

The good news is I have a really good excuse to get out of housework! I’m taking advantage of that this morning by working on the Illustration Friday word, Insect.

I really wanted to explore a loser style so I cheated a little bit and used the same turtle sketch I used last time. But I flipped him around ;P

There are four steps to creating this painting. The first being the sketch above and the second was the painting. This close up (the bug by the way is in the full composition) shows the third step, the black outline.

For the painting part I went real lose. I just pushed the paint around with my finger. Brushes are so over rated, don’t you think? I still went tight with the black outline, at least at first. Then I couldn’t help but splat the ink. That part was so fun.

This is the full composition. Right now I’m waiting for the black paint to dry. I think it’s about dry and now I can move to the finally step, the scribbling with the colored pencils. More fun!

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy splattering ink too! I really like your composition and use of color. Great turtle drawing as well. mraf