Saturday, March 18, 2006


This is the finished composition for this week’s Illustration Friday word, Feet.

I’m not as happy with it as I am with some of the other Musk paintings.

It’s not the looseness of the painting that I’m unsatisfied with. That went ok. It’s really just the composition. It worked so well in my head but I didn’t really pull it off like I envisioned it.

But I must say, that little turtle is getting his day : )


gudbrandsdottir said...

I think the duck feet are great, and so is the turtle!

The Unknown said...

Wow! That's great. I love all the colors.

Lori Witzel said...

Very nice energy -- like it.

I understand not getting something out the way you envisioned, so go take another shot and see what you do!


georg said...

sweet turtle - and very nice duck-feet - Rip, Rap & Rup's?
I really like the duckfeet.

kg said...

this is wonderful - love your technique too. this is one of my favorites for this topic.

Majane said...

very nice!

Rowantree said...

Great style and brilliance colors!

karen lee said...

Great Ian, nice sense of motion, poor little guy looks like he has quite a journey ahead of him.