Friday, November 10, 2006


I love a dark pond. Especially the way a pond looks in the autumn. The water has cleared of the summer muck and is now dark and still. Mysterious. This is my entry for this week's Illustration Friday.

This is the inspiration for a new story I’m writing titled, Shellless. It’s the story of a boy who is always ignored. His only friends are the imaginary shellless that live in a city park pond. But more on that later...

This painting is also a blatant Monet rip off. I saw the Monet exhibit at the NC Museum of Art last week. How can I do a pond without including Monet?

Sketches: I’m starting with a much larger sheet of paper than I normally use (approx 4’ X 2’ ½). It’s also dark, like the pond. So this is all new for me.

First layer: My biggest struggle at this point is style. Getting past Monet, getting past Pollock, and finding Ian. I know it’s in there somewhere. I just have to keep looking.

Last Thoughts: The final(see above) isn’t finished but it is as far as I’m going to take this painting. The new materials gave me some grief. The colored pencils wore down incredibly quick on the rough textured paper. They also didn’t write on the acrylic paint. I like the large sized paper but might need to switch to pastels to create the affect I’m looking for.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Pen & Palette Fall Issue

The Fall issue of the Pen & Palette, which is the newsletter for the Carolina’s Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators, came out today. Complete with my cover art. How very exciting!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Aquarium

It was cold at the beach. Don’t believe me? Check out the video.

click here

That’s ok. We went to the aquarium. I took my sketchbook.

Fish move a lot faster than I thought. At first I tried to draw them regular like. Then I realized that by the time I looked at my paper, the fish had swammed away. So I decided to go with blind contour line.

Blind contour is when you draw looking at the object but not at the paper. It’s great for really studying the object, in this case, moving fish. But it sort of looks silly. Try it sometime.

I thought maybe the jellyfish might swim slower. Silly me. Those little things are pretty quick!