Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010: A Look @ Where We Go From Here
(aka: pioneering sticky note art)
post-it notes, critters, ian sands

2009 showed us the last of the foam installation board critters (at least for now) and opened the door for the post-it note critter. Only issue, what to post them to??

post-it notes, critters, ian sands

With an objective to display, the simplest solution seemed to be sticking them to a sheet of paper. However, this felt unnatural.

post-it notes, critters, ian sands

Truth be told, the only way I feel the post-it note critters work is to post them directly to the wall they are being displayed on.

But lets be honest, it's hard to find a exhibit hall that will let me stick post it notes directly to the wall, let alone draw on the wall with marker. I needed to find a alternative solution.

post-it notes, critters, ian sands

Solution 1: The altered book. Sticky notes and marker work great in old books. Only challenge is displaying.

post-it notes, critters, ian sands

I like the idea of displaying the altered books.. maybe on a book case or even constructing a shelf for the wall. I like the idea of people picking up the books, turning the pages.. might even attach a marker and let them write stuff in the books.

post-it notes, critters, ian sands

Solution 2: Boxes.
There just happens to be a stack of boxes in my studio. Boxes are fun to paint on, fun to sticky note to, and fun to marker on.

post-it notes, critters, ian sands

boxes are fun to stack, fun to stack books on, and can be placed anywhere from a gallery to a street corner.

post-it notes, critters, ian sands

So in 2010, be on the lookout for Boxes.

post-it notes, critters, ian sands

Stacks are standing by...


Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Best of Ian Sands, 2009: Shameless Self Promotion.

January: Vintage 21

Ian Sands, Pop Expressionism Exhibit

Checking out the Yeti. This is the one that started the entire series of foam insulation board critters. Exhibited at Vintage 21, First Night Raleigh.

February: Cary Final Friday

From the Newimal Collection, exhibited February 24 - March 24, 2009 at Coffee & Crepes Crossroads Plaza Cary, NC

March: Street Art Workshop

Was invited to host a Street Art workshop @ Eva Perry Library.

April: the National Gallery

As it turns out, some of my art was seen at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. Highlighter Fox right next to Lichtenstein.

May: The First Lost Critter

the lost critter street art project

Twenty two critters were created and placed at various location in Downtown Apex, NC. On benches, curbs, on top of newspaper boxes, on brick wall and even tied to poles and street signs.

June: The Ice Eggs

ice eggs beach stret art

Watching the birds interact with the nests gave this the feeling of being one of our most successful street... or uhm.. beach art projects yet! About two hours later the eggs were completely melted and the tide took the seaweed drifting back out to sea.

July: Name the Zonkey Winner

name the zoneky

We left this little zonkey sitting inside the Looking Glass Cafe & Boutique in Carrboro, NC with the following message: Please take a minute to enter a name for this Zonkey. 1st place: Debra the Zonkey. Runner up: Hannah

August: 500 Critters Released in Apex

the lost critter project

This August, 500 critters will be lurking around various locations in Downtown Apex, NC. These foam board critters will be left on benches, curbs, on top of newspaper boxes, on brick wall and even tied to poles and street signs. The lost Critter Project is a collaborative public arts effort between the businesses of Downtown Apex, NC and Apex High School Art students and teacher.

September: Zonkey Turns Up In Cape Cod!

Almost 800 miles and 2 months after Zonkey's last sighting in Morehead, NC, Zonkey number three has turned up in Woods Hole, MA!! Better know as Cape Cod.

October: Bus at the Gallery

The Art-On-The-Move bus was part of a gallery exhibit.

November: Post-It Note Critters

post-it notes, critters, ian sands

At school I stuck a few post it notes to the whiteboard. Later, I drew some eyes on one of the post its. That got me thinking. I wonder how many critters I could make with these post it notes?

December: Merry Moosifesto!

moosifesto, wake forest coffee

Let's all gather round the Crittermas tree and sings songs about the soon to come days when moose will replace reindeer! Moosifesto is on and happening now at Wake Forest Coffee Company in Wake Forest, NC!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Moosifesto
Society of Moose Against Using Reindeer

moosifesto, wake forest coffee

For hundreds of years Santa Clause has been delivering toys to children around the world. Though he is not beyond using outside assistance, Santa has been able to distribute presents on Christmas Eve without the help of FedEx, UPS or the United States Postal System. His primary mode of transportation has been a sleigh driven by an original team of eight tiny reindeer with the occasional help from a mutant red-nosed deer, and a misguided or perhaps delusional dog.

As members of SMAUR, we now provide the following reasons for the immediate elimination of the use of reindeer and the prompt replacement by flying moose.

1. More Torque:
Pound for pound, moose produce massive amounts more torque than reindeer. Where horsepower, or in this case reindeerpower, is needed for speed, torque is the ability to overcome resistance. Though it is true that speed is necessary to circle the globe in one night, it is the initial ability to pull the sleigh, weighted down by a ginormous amount of toys and often hindered by heavy, laden snow, which is needed before horsepower can even be applied.

2. Ease of Spelling:
Riendeer? Reindear? Raindeer? “I” before “E” except after “C” and sometimes “Y”? Isn’t rein spelled r-a-i-n? And deer spelled d-e-a-r? Let’s face it. Without a spell checker, reindeer is just too hard to spell! Moose on the other hand is simple. Only five letters and no confusing vowel arrangements.

3. American Made:
Moose are born and bred and raised if the good old US of A! Hiring moose to pull Santa’s sleigh is not only good for America, it’s our patriotic duty. Imports, such as reindeer, are manufactured abroad in such un-American places as Northern Europe and even Russia! Look for the “Born in Maine” label next time you consider hiring your sleigh team.

4. Better Night Vision:
All it takes is one foggy Christmas Eve and Santa can be shut down in a heart beat. An entire year’s worth of elf work, down the drain all because of low hanging cloud vapor. The issue, poor eye sight on the part of reindeer. This is more than a threat as it almost happened Christmas Eve 1964. Thankfully, the travesty was narrowly averted after a red fog light was attached to the nose of Prancer. Prancer was later said to have been so humility by the event that he and Cupid fabricated a tale of a red-nose reindeer that saved the day. These so called “close calls” can easily be prevented through the intervention of a deer removable, keen-eyed moose replacement task force.

5. No More Reindeer Games:
Reindeer are generally poor-spirited creatures that tend to weed out the vulnerable in the herd and deliberately poke fun of them till, tired and weak, they leave the comfort and safety of the compound. Many times the stronger of the deers will laugh and call the weaker reindeer names. On some occasions there have even been reports of the more feeble reindeers not being allowed to play any reindeer games.
Moose have a motto. No moose is left behind.

We believe every effort should be made to, and a call for, a cease and desist order to be implemented, for all reindeer regarding any attempts to fly, pull, or be in connection or association with, Santa, the elves, toy delivery or Christmas in any way, shape, form or means.

Furthermore, SMAUR is advocating for the establishment of the Meese Labs where moose and geese can be cross pollinated to form a new species of flying moose (code name: meese). Meese will merge the flight path navigational abilities of the Canadian goose with the strength, torque and American brand name that we have all come to respect and love, of the moose.

Merry Moosifesto!

And now for that hit song off the Moosifesto CD.. Trapped Beneath the Mistletoe!

Merry Moosifesto!

moosifesto, wake forest coffee

Let's all gather round the Crittermas tree and sings songs about the soon to come days when moose will replace reindeer! Moosifesto is on and happening now at Wake Forest Coffee Company in Wake Forest, NC!

moosifesto, wake forest coffee

Copies of the Moosifesto are available, hanging right next to copies of the Moosifesto CD! Just look under the moose.

moosifesto, wake forest coffee

What did this squid have for lunch? You decide! There's a marker hanging to the left of his tummy that you can use to draw on the paper provided.

moosifesto, wake forest coffee

moosifesto, wake forest coffee

moosifesto, wake forest coffee

What Moosifesto celebration would be complete with out a few Moosifesto toys? Here we have the Moosifesto action figure.. some assembly required ... batteries not included.

moosifesto, wake forest coffee

One last shot of the Moosifesto Crittermas tree.

Merry Moosifesto!!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Artist Inspired 3D Christmas Trees

christmas tree, Apex High School, Art

This is a design project by Art 1 . The assignment, design a 3D Christmas tree that is obviously influenced by an artist.

Tree above inspired by the artist Norman Rockwell

Check out more trees by Apex artists at the Apex HS Art Blog!