Thursday, August 31, 2006

Last night we played the championship game against the number one ranked Renegades.. and won. I even got a t-shirt. Good for us.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

I have been working on some spot art for the beginning of every chapter in the Pony Wombat and the Second Ark book.

I'm trying to Match each title with a decent spot illustration. Plus I think the frogs Match and so do the cookies, so its a good fit for this weeks Illustration Friday word.

This is a sample of what I'm trying to accomplish. The title artwork for chapter 7.

Here are two more chapter spot illustrations. Do those look like cookies to you?

This is what it looks like in the book. This is chapter 9. The puppy got his head stuck in the tuba. Does it look like a stuck puppy to you? or am I spinning my wheels?

You can preview the book for free! (aren't I nice!) or you could buy a copy (aren't you nice!)
In September I will be running an online ad on Christianity Today for the book Pony Wombat and the Second Ark .

The ad is a side banner and will run 25,000 times. The click through will be to the Pony Wombat and the Second Ark purchase site.

This is the ad I created. I tried to capture a sense of wonder and excitement while providing as much info about the book as I could in the limited pixel space. How affective do you think it will be?

You can preview the book for free! (aren't I nice!) or you could buy a copy (aren't you nice!)

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Pond

This spring I installed a pond in my backyard.

Since then I have been constantly working on it. Now it is more than a pond, it is an entire natural area with flowers, insects, reptiles and lots of frogs.

I planted three butterfly bushes around the pond and I guess it worked cause here this guy showed up. Most of the other plants are wild flower seeds. I particularly like the black eyed susies. Then there is some ivory around the pond. Further back are a few tomato plants. I'm hoping to grow some tomatoes for the turtles.

I bought these water plants from Lowes. They grow like crazy in the pond i have in the front yard, but the turtles eat them back here. I need to keep transferring plants for the front pond to the back. If you look closely you will see honeybees all over the log. There must be a nest nearby because there is a constant stream of honeybees flying around. There is never less than 10 bees and any time.

This little guy, an eastern box turtle, was here before and then he was gone. Now he's back. I hope he stays. I have been enticing him with bananas and dog food and lettuce and mushrooms. If those stupid tomatoes would ever grow...