Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Making of Mammoth

Yesterday, I stopped by and talked to the nice people at the Eva Perry Library. You may remember the Eva Perry Library from the mysterious story of the Eva Perry Monster....

The nice people at Eva Perry extended an offer to host an indoor Pole Gallery. How very exciting!

Ideas were tossed around and space was consider and they agreed to host four, 6 foot long stand alone fence segments. They also will provide a display case so we can document all the activities leading up to the event.

But hold the presses, there's more! They are going to seriously publicize the event through the use of local media!

So to kick off the Eva Perry Pole Gallery, I'd like to presnet one of the pieces I plan to display... still in the making...


Mammoth will be based on this sketch I drew back in January. I'll start by creating the wholly mammoth then i'll create the two sabertooth tigers and attach them later.

To start the process I projected the sketch onto a large sheet of paper so I could transfer it to a piece of sheet rock.

The base painting is done mainly with house paint. Later I'll add more color with tempera or acrylic. and as a Scribbliest I'll give the entire piece a good once over with some pastels.

Here is Mammoth so far.. not very impressive yet but give it some time...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Montauk Monster Debunked

The recent finding of a bigfoot in Georgia has the Internet buzzing with stories about cryptids. There are some monsters that a real... i.e. Wogs, Pigrates, the Lake Champlain Monster and Bigfoot. Then there are reports of strange creatures that are jut plain fabricated. I believe the Montauk Monster is one of those stories.

(photo taken of the Montauk Monster)

The Montauk Monster washed up on the shores of Montauk, NY. One of the obvious challenges of identifying something that has washed up dead on the beach is you just can't be sure how long the object in question was previously floating,you also can't be sure how much of a toll the sea has taken on it.

The Montauk Monster isn't the first critter to wash up on a beach. There are reports every year of supposed sea monster bodies discovered on the shore. In almost all cases the sea monster turns out to be nothing more than the remains of a dead whale.

In this case however, we find a nearly intact animal, which we can be certain is not a whale. so what is it? Speculation ranges from a turtle without it's shell to a dog, a pig or a raccoon. All of these are interesting suggestions but overlook the most likely suspect.

Here is the photo again of the bloated, decomposing Montauk Monster.

montauk monster

But by simply tracing an outline around the body...

montauk monster

and replacing the fur that the sea washed away... you see you have a cat. A Montauk cat.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Show Me The Monkey!

It's true, i've been a bigfoot buff since I was a little kid searching for one in the woods of Vermont. And though I claim to have had an strange encounters with wogs, pigrates what i believe was the the Lake Champlain Monster, I have never run into a sasquatch.

(Wog caught on camera in Apex, NC)

But this week, two men from Georgia claim they not only saw a bigfoot, they have a dead one sitting in their cooler.

There are two possible scenarios:

A. These yahoos stuffed a monkey suit with chicken livers , snapped a photo and scammed CNN into attending a press conference. Now they can write a book about their scam and make a quick buck.

B. These men actually found a bigfoot and are keeping it a secret till their layers can figure out how they can release the creature while still making a quick buck.

Either way two things hold true. 1. No body has been presented at the conference and 2. you can always follow the dollar.

I say, "Show Me the Monkey!"