Sunday, July 29, 2012

CAM Raleigh Hopscotch 2012 Mural Proposal

Today, I submitted a proposal for a large scale mural that, if selected, will be on display at CAM Raleigh during the Hopscotch Music Festival.

The proposal, seen above, will be created entirely out of Post-it Notes. The size will be 14 feet high by 47 feet wide, consisting of 15 sections of sturdy kraft paper which will be used to hold the Post-it notes. 

A total of 10,528 Post-it Notes will be incorporated to complete the mural.

This will be the largest undertaking of Post-It Notes and if accepted, I'll need some help putting it all together. So if you might want to help....

So far it's only a proposal. It's up to the good people at CAM Raleigh to decide if its the thing they're looking for. 

Fingers crossed!

Saturday, July 28, 2012


This Shellless is lonely. He is wishing he had someone to push him on the swing .. :( sadface

Shellless from the manuscript of the same name sitting on a publishers desk. 

Call me, maybe?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Zonkey Army

I've started work on my Zonkey Army!

Here we see the construction process. All the Zonkys parts are being lined up and coated with super strong paint to protect them from stuff and things.

The king of the Zonkeys is also under construction. 

King Zonkey's stripes lay on the floor, drying, waiting to be applied.

King Zonkey watches over the process as his army is assembled. Or he would watch over but I haven't given him eyes yet. But he will watch over as soon as i glue his eyes on!