Sunday, June 22, 2014

Trip to Wrightsville Beach

zonkey street art

A weekend excursion to Wrightsville Beach and some fun Zonkeys. Above, ate at 22 North. Yum!

I used to teach middle school in Sampson County so i gave them a Zonkey too.

zonkey street art

Zonkey will keep the pool open! Go Zonkey, go!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

More vGraffiti near and around Raleigh, NC

zonkey street art

Found a few fun places that looked like they needed a Zonkey. Above, a doorway on the side of an outdoor shopping mall. This spot didn't look all that attractive yet it was right in a place where everyone would view it. Went with pink stripes to pretty it up!

zonkey street art

They just leave these trains sitting all over the place. you think they would move them to a train yard or something but no. I was looking at some of the other graffiti and like the outline effect so i tried to mimic that with this Zonkey. I'll keep looking and working on that.

Tomorrow, i'll be in Wilmington and i'm sure i'll find a place or two that need a Zonkey!