GUI & Websites

GUI Design

Contract position to design GUI's for internal BASF applications.

  • Design GUI's, banners, buttons and other graphics to complete the look and feel of BASF internal corporate applications.

Telehealth Services

GUI Design | PowerPoints | Marketing Materials

GUI Designer for TeleHealth Services family of Interactive Solutions -- TigrVue, TigrNet, TIGR and TRMS

  • Graphical user interface designer serving as a liaison between the hospital staff (client), development team, and sales and marketing departments to design, develop and deploy GUI's for interactive patient web-based systems (HTML, CSS, ASP, Flash, PhotoShop).
  • Coordinate with the sales and marketing team to design promotional collateral for delivery via CD ROM (Flash) and the Web (HTML, CSS, ASP), and printed pieces as well as create effective success stories, press releases, brochures and email campaigns.
  • Other responsibilities include database-driven website design and development, Flash development, information architecture design, graphical interface design, and graphics production (HTML, ASP, SQL Enterprise Server, CSS, Flash, PhotoShop, Illustrator).
  • Manage a team of hospital concierges that promote our systems to hospital patients, troubleshoot technical issues, and collect data that can be translated into requirements for future product enhancements, design and development.

Nortel Networks
Project Manager | Developer | Designer

Project Lead for Enterprise level, Intranet Websites for the Nortel Networks Facilities organization. Websites included self-service online tools and regional content for Nortel Business Partners including Sodexho Marriott, Herman Miller, CB Richard Ellis, Health South and Honeywell Security.

  • Development and implementation of content management/maintenance plans
  • Coordinated successful regional based, global Website delivery strategy
  • Project planning; client relations, presentation; requirement gathering; team management; architecture and process engineering

Nortel Place Website - Overview:
The goal of the website was to increase employee satisfaction by more effectively structuring revitalization content and providing both users and administrators ready, efficient access to revitalization information.

Current Nortel Place site was reviewed and changes in direction were documented to become project requirements. Several prototypes were designed before the "non-linear" style was reviewed and approved. The homepage incorporates several technologies including an excellent use of tables and DHTML layers. This allows for rollover effects on each of the "choices" displaying both descriptive text as well as individual photograph changes.
A "picture book" on the left side of the 'What's Happening' screen provides visitors a photographic look into the new buildings. An automatic scrolling nav bar located on the bottom of the screen provides easy access to other pages.

Space Allocation Display Bar (SPAD) -Overview:

The major concern of managers regarding this app was the ability of the tool to allow the viewing of CADD files, Summary Reports and Detail reports simultaneously. Using a unique interface design and taking full advantage of JavaScript, we designed the SPAD Tool Bar.
Just as it's name suggests, the Tool Bar is a long, thin webpage that sits on the top of the desktop. With a drop down menu on the left and the building report selections on the right, the user is able to open up to six resizable pop-up windows at a time. These windows allow the comparison of current and previous CADD, summary and details reports with total flexibility.