Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Moose Project

The Coffee House

I'm working on a new exhibit that is schedule to go on display on December 12th @ Wake Forest Coffee.

I stopped in this morning and met with Linda and Albert, drank Chai (yum), and took some measurements and photos. The plan is to create five new pieces that will take advantage of the coffee shop's environment (or so I say :).

Sketches for the Moose Project

The Making of Moose

The story behind the images is four moose who are disgruntled by the fact that Santa uses eight tiny reindeer instead of four strong moose. They have several good reason why Santa should use Moose including:
  • More torque
  • Ease of spelling
  • The fact that moose are American made

There is also talk of a secret lab where moose are genetically altering goose eggs to produce a new breed of flying moose/geese called a meese. We'll see how that story flies :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

More Cat

After set up and tear down of Catfish, we decided to take Cat on a walk (changing his name to Morecat). Here are some of Morecat's adventures.

Morecat on the dock. Looking for more fish, are you Morecat?

Morecat on a fence.

Morecat on a service sign. Oh no, Morecat. Watch out for the rules!!

As a side note: What vehicles are they talking about? Amphibious?

Morecat hunting for a light snack. Silly Morecat, those birds flew souther for the winter.

ian sands

Morecat and me sitting on a bench.

Come on, morecat! Don't drink out of the porta potty!! Time to go home!

Saturday, November 22, 2008


We set Catfish up at the lake today. This was a very temporary piece since we took it down right after we snapped these photos.

It was a bit breezy out there so the fish kept swimming by almost as fast as we could snap the photos.

I like the floating fish. They gave me an idea for my next piece which I'm code naming, Float Parade. The idea will be to see if I can float a parade of art across the lake.

I was not alone today. I had a professional camera woman taking most of the photos.

I consider this piece very successful being that I never fell in (though I came close several times).

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

They don't just pretend to milk the dinosaur...
They milk it, bottle it up, and serve it for lunch!

How To Milk A Dinosaur is making it's debut on Amazon.

You may remember How To Milk A Dinosaur from it's winning of Editorial Anonymous best first lines contest. She wrote, and I quote,"I do want to know about the cow."

So here comes that chance to find out about that cow...

How To Milk A Dinosaur, buy your copy today!!

On Sale Today!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

In the Works - Catfish

This is a new peice i'm working on titled Catfish.

The concept is to place the cat on a pole and stick the pole in the lake. It should look like the cat is standing on a stump, looking down into the water.

Next, I'll cut out the fish and place them in the lake. The assumption is, they will float ;)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What's in Your Shoe??

On Sunday I thought I would give the lawn one last good season 2008 mowing. It was warm enough and the grass needed to be trimmed (according to the W G Homeowners Association).

I keep a pair of old sneakers around for just such an occasion. The last time I had worn them I was digging in the dirt and they got a touch muddy so I hosed them down and had left them outside to dry.

My new BFF, Ms. Widow

I can tell you I didn't feel good about putting on those shoes. I had a strange feeling somethign was a tad off. But I put the left shoe on and all was well. I was about to put the right shoe on when I notice some cobwebs. I said to myself, "Self, you might want to bang those shoes out before you put them on." And so I did.

Well, it just so happened that this little lady had made a comfortable home in my shoe and was settling down for the long winter ahead. I'm thinking if I had put that shoe on, she would have been slightly ticked off and let me know about it in her own special way.

Needless to say, I tossed those sneakers. Remember kids, always bang out your shoes!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Art on the Move

Click Here to Enlarge

The City of Raleigh Arts Commission, in partnership with Capital Area Transit (CAT), is inviting local visual and graphic artists to submit artwork for the second Art-On-The-Move.

Click Here to Enlarge

Art-On-The-Move is a public art project featuring artwork from local artists that is exhibited on the sides of CAT buses. 12 artists will be selected to participate in the project. I'm hoping to be one of the 12 :).

Click Here to Enlarge

These are three on my ideas. I'm only allowed to submit one idea. Which one do you like best and why?

Comments welcomed!!!

The election is over and so are my signs. The election day rain did them in. They looked so sorry all warped, soggy and bent over in the drizzle. I question the wisdom of using such temporary media for outdoor displays.. then again, they are temporary exhibits...

Here are the signs the weekend before election day. They looked pretty good back then. Maybe the collapse of my signs coinciding with the end of the election is deep ;)

I think someone must have liked my signs because six went out and only five came back. I thought at first maybe one fell off and blew away in the rain but I looked up and down the street and couldn't find it at all. The others, though droopy and wet, stayed right where I left them.

So why would one blow away and the other five not?? Did someone take a sign??

In other news... over 6,000 words in NANOWRIMO. slowly but possibly...

Monday, November 03, 2008


This is my response to the everyone's favorite Election Day ritual, posting campaign signs. My signs aren't for any particular candidate or party, just signs about signs

Every time I go to put up a piece of public art I get knots in my stomach. Like I’m doing something wrong, which is silly since I try very hard not to do any of the wrong things (like permanent spray paint graffiti art). Still, there go those butterflies, even when I’m allowed to post the art.

But then once I start posting, I get in the zone. Hammering, stapling, I’m all focused on the art and how it will be displayed.

“Signs” is my most recent work. Better catch it soon because it comes down the day after Election Day.

Don't forget to vote...

For my sign!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

50,000 Words???!!!!

Oh, what the heck. I'll do it... at least, I'll try it. No that sounds defeatist. I'll do it. NANO, the National Novel Writing Month.

What's that all about? It's this silly idea where you write a novel in a month. 50,000 words (or more).

I know, crazy. Especially for me. It takes me a year to write 5,000 words...

So now what? Well, it's day one. I have no idea, no topic, no plot... Oh yeah, I'm off to a good start.. Well, here it goes...