Sunday, September 07, 2014

Sketch Song Project: First Release

With Sparkcon coming this weekend to Raleigh, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to release the first set of CD's from the  Sketch Song Project!

Back in the late 80’s I owned a Tascam 4 track recorder. Using regular cassette tapes, I was able to create multi-track recordings. I can compare the songs I wrote and recorded to that of an artist’s visual journal. These weren’t polished works of art by any means but rather rough sketches.

Most tracks were recorded in one take with mistakes becoming part of the song. All the songs chosen for this project hold promise. However, if one listens to the recordings with anything other than a sketchbook mentality, they will miss the value of the work.

In total there are 100 CDs produced for this project. I’ve selected 20 songs and created 5 CD’s for each song. Like all my artwork, all 100 CDs will be left somewhere to be found.

I plan to leave at least the first ten CD's at Sparkcon on Saturday. Hope you find one!!

This is the first song to be part of the Sketch Song Project. The title of the song, I used to be a Wombat is based on the name of a band I was a member of back in the late 80's. We were the Wombats and had fun playing clubs in NYC like CBGB's. All the lyrics in this song are made up of lyrics from other songs we wrote. I still find it interesting how well they strung together.

I Used to be a Wombat

I found a piece of yesterday
It was such a long road away
The sun was half way cross the sky
I pull the cover cross my eye
I never think I’ll dream again
Till you are with me my old friend
Been down before
Not anymore

Don’t think I forgot just where I sat
Don’t think I don’t know how I got where I’m at

Starts with once upon a time
Was living in a nursery rhyme
This old souls be burning out
And I might live my life without
When did the night turn into day
I’m gonna find another way, another way.
Another way

Don’t think I forgot just where I sat
Don’t think I don’t know how I got where I’m at
I used to be a Wombat

Something strange is coming over me
Somehow all of this, was meant to be
focus on the sound
Take a look around

I’ve been down before
Can’t you see me
Don’t you need me anymore
anymore, anymore

So run, hide if you must
Your heart may fade but never rust
We’ll only take the tumble yall
We all start to crumble yall
When vampires come to snatch your soul
Out of the blue they howl so
Come home, come home

I used to be a Wombat