Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sunday Turtle Hunt

Went down to the pond today and spent some time catching turtles. We weren’t able to capture the elusive snapper again. I’m hoping to catch her again this summer. The first time I caught her I let her go after I got her freed from the net because she was so big and I was so chicken ;) Next time I’m hoping to have enough guts to study her a little, at least get a photo op for the blog.

This first turtle is a large female map turtle. The area around her hind legs felt hard and lumpy so I’m pretty sure she was loaded with eggs. She was a good size map turtle and I bet she has had her fair share of litters. Can you have a litter of turtles?

Next up was a teenage map turtle. This little guy was really cute.

Finally we caught this rather larger musk turtle. At least, large as far as musks go, they don’t get very big. She was very interested in biting my hand off. I chose not to let her do that.

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