Sunday, September 16, 2007


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After my exciting morning in the emergency room, I decided to take the kids to Bugfest.

Bugfest was fun. I would show you photos but my camera phone seems to be on its last tripod. So instead I posted this illustration of an Imperial Moth caterpillar I did a while back till I can get photos out of my phone.

Let me tell you about some of the cool stuff at Bugfest.

First, there was this guy doing a flea circus. He was funny but we got there a bit late and it was crowded, couldn’t see well, so we moved on.

Next we saw a guy getting a honeybee beard. They tied a queen bee to his neck and then proceeded to dump box after box of honeybees onto him. The honeybees like to hang with the queen so they clinged till this guy’s entire face was pretty much covered in bees.

There were lots of bugs in little plastic boxes and at almost every booth there was a tank of those big Madagascar roaches. You could pick them up and hold them. They all had names. The one we held was Rebecca.

The bestest booth was the buffet line. Yes, yummy bugs to eat. And all free!

The Stir-fry Grasshoppers were really good cause the grasshoppers were so big you could pick them up and eat them straight. That was much more fun then the mealworm lasagna that had the bugs baked in.

For dessert we had a little cup of orange jello with ants in it. That was more like you went on a picnic and left your jello on the picnic table for an hour or so, came back and ate it anyhow.


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C.R. Evers said...

Did you ever stop to wonder WHY the bug buffet is free. There's a reason, and none of them can be positive. Also, doesn't it weird you out at all that Terminix is the sponsor for this. How did they get all those bugs anyway? hmmmmmm. . . . food for thought (every pun intended) ;0P You can't tell me that a company that is paid to exterminate these critters also breeds them for human consuption.

How does the Department of Health grade this type of eatting facility anyway? If Chick-fil-A had bugs found in their food, they'd be out of business.

There is some sort of conspiracy diguised in this so called "bugfest".

i just know it. There's a story here.