Monday, February 18, 2008


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As seen on the Picture-Bookies Showcase Blog!

I tried a slightly different arrangement this morning and I'm much happier with it. Of course I keep using the same images. I should get sick of the mammoth/saber-tooth soon. I did add a kite because I'm jockeying for a Pen & Palette cover ;)

this time I started with the pen. and not that silly dunk the ink in the barrow pen. A regular garden variety black ball point.

Then I scribbled with the colored pencils. but a much tighter scribble. Little circles and hatching type of scribbles. After that I went over it with watercolors. See below.

Wow, this must be one of my most exciting posts ever! So what did you do next?! Is there another step?? Please, please. We beg! Tell us.

The last step was to eat pizza. Then I went back over some of the pen lines with the dunk the ink pen. Just because it is darker and made it more full of contrasty goodness.


Angela said...

Just wanted to say "Hey" and "love ur blog"

Write2ignite said...

wow. These are great. I love the personality in the eyes!