Sunday, March 09, 2008

Buy My Ugly Tie ...
and sponsor a skater from the Triangle Special Hockey Association

Once upon a time I was contractually obligated to attend a dinner function. The primary invitee, who was very uptight due to the prestige of the event, requested/required that my attire be formal.

I don't mind dressing up but I do mind being forced into the prefab solution that society has (for some reason that escapes me) deemed formal wear for men. There are primarily two choices, dark blue suit with tie, black suit with tie. I picked the later.

A new tie was even purchased for me, a nice green one, and since my old tie wasn't going to be worn, I decided to do what I do best, draw turtles on it.

Then the misunderstanding occurred. The person whom I was contractually obligated to attend said function with thought I was going to wear the turtle tie. Due to the stress and pressure brought on by the fact that society wouldn't approve such a tie, instructions were clearly given that I would not being wearing the turtle tie.

I was slightly offended that my turtle tie was deemed contractually-obligated-function inappropriate. An argument ensued, my premise being that there is something wrong with a society that decides the appropriateness of a tie... especially if it is solely based on a predetermined value. For if my tie had been hand drawn by Picasso, Warhol or Haring, it would surely be deemed appropriate.

Now, I understand that I'm not any of the for-mentioned artist. But I still believe my turtle tie holds value. That is why I plan to sell my tie on Ebay to the highest bidder. All proceeds from the sale of the tie will go to sponsor a skater from the Triangle Special Hockey Association.

I hope you will consider buying my ugly tie. And also get the word out to other people that might want to buy my ugly tie. The tie will go on sale next week. I'll keep you posted!


Write2ignite said...

Wooohoo! SOunds like a great plan. I might even bid on it. I like turtles -- especially REBEL turtles. LOL!


Unknown said...

I think this is wonderful, Ian. I don't wear ties myself, even as a liberated female and count myself lucky for it. But I like what you did with an otherwise boring tie. Good for you. Good luck with the sale. Sorry, my husband only wears ties when he must as well.

Janelle said...

I've posted your tie on my blog, Ian. Great artwork! Great reason to buy a tie!

Janelle said...


What happened with the turtle tie? Did someone rise above societal taboos, purchase it (seeing it's coolness), help a child, and then (hopefully) subsequently wear it to a very formal and stuffy event just to prove they could? I hope so!

- Janelle

ian sands said...

I didn't want to post it till I got back form Spring Break... but now I'm back so... coming soon to an Ebay near you!!

Write2ignite said...

Ian... I came looking for a new post to your blog! Where is it, dude? :)