Monday, May 26, 2008

You Wind My Turtle(s) T-shirt Design

I'm working on a tshirt design and I need your help to decide my direction. Please leave a short comment explaining which of these is your favorite design and why.


Design A. Single turtle

Design B. Multi turtles, straight forward type

Design C. Multi turtles, mess with the font


Unknown said...

Ian, I'm torn between the 2nd and 3rd designs. The second reminds me of the sea turtles making their way back to the ocean. The third makes me think of individual toy turtles, each going in his/her own direction (more of a deliriously happy kind of mindset). I'm not sure which would fit what you're trying to accomplish. Great designs, however.
Kathy Jacoby

C.R. Evers said...

I like # 3 the best. I like the multi-turtle design better than the single turtle and I like the arched lettering better than the straight line lettering.

there's my vote. Do I get an "I voted" sticker?

Karen Lee said...

I like 3 - maybe make the one going off on it's even more towards the upper right?

Anonymous said...

Ian, I like the size of the turtles in #3 but the straight text of #2. The message is cryptic enough by itself and the arched letters I find distracting. It is a happy image- would inverting the arched text to a sort of smile fit your vision? I like them. Kathy V.

Anonymous said...

I like #2.

If I saw someone wearing this shirt, I'd be like, "Really, I "wind your turtles"? Erm, OK..."

- Alexxx - said...

i like a because i like how the letters are up close and that one tutle is in the perfect spot.

stacycakes said...

i think the second design is great! it is very pleasing to the eye...nice pole art!:)