Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Eva Perry Monster

This is a story passed on to me by anonymous but trustworthy sources about a 7 foot monster that appeared unexpectedly at the Eva Perry Library in Apex.

Though I haven't visited the library to see for myself, this photo, also passed on to me by anonymous but trustworthy sources, was taken of the monster in front of the library.

The following is an anonymous but trustworthy account supposedly written by the monster's creator

"I hope the people at the library have a good sense of humor. The monster is eating a book (paperback version of Narnia) so it seemed appropriate place to leave him. I image they will do one of three things:

1. get the maintenance men to drop him in recycling
2. think he is cute and bring him inside for display
3. call CSI and have me prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law

Personally, i'm hoping for 2."

The following is a follow up by an anonymous but trustworthy monster sighting eye witness:

"The people at the library did not trash it. They kept it and it's now part of the Mock Prinz club. It's really cool, and the people there named it Ralfi. At first the head of our club thought it was a religious hate crime since the book inside was the chronicles of narnia the lion the witch and wardrobe. But afterwords they decide that that wasn't it. We're keeping it and not putting it in the recycling bin! We're going to feed all the bad books to it and hopefully he doesn't get a stomach ache!"


Anna C. said...

Haha, religious hate crime. Amusing.

Ralfi is a good name for him. :)

Anonymous said...

how'd ya get it there