Monday, July 14, 2008

The New Pond

What would summer be without another digging event?? And this time it's no small feat.

Lots of dirt took lots of time to dig.

Don't let the photo fool you. This pond is big enough to do laps in!

Arial view of the 'swamp'. Next step: extend the turtle fence.

Close up of one of the ponds. I'm so happy with the lillypads. Though the turtles tend to eat them! Monet would be proud... or maybe he would laugh ;)


C.R. Evers said...

ohhhh!! those are nice lily pads! looks good! You must have the worlds happiest turtles! :0)

ian sands said...

you mean hungriest turtles. I had to move those pads to the pond that doesn't have turtles cause they kept eating them all!!

- Alexxx - said...


Anonymous said...

You so crazy Turtle Boy

Karen (the anonymous)

Unknown said...

Wow, your talents never end. Those preformed ponds are harder than they look. You're such a good turtle dad.