Saturday, August 16, 2008

Show Me The Monkey!

It's true, i've been a bigfoot buff since I was a little kid searching for one in the woods of Vermont. And though I claim to have had an strange encounters with wogs, pigrates what i believe was the the Lake Champlain Monster, I have never run into a sasquatch.

(Wog caught on camera in Apex, NC)

But this week, two men from Georgia claim they not only saw a bigfoot, they have a dead one sitting in their cooler.

There are two possible scenarios:

A. These yahoos stuffed a monkey suit with chicken livers , snapped a photo and scammed CNN into attending a press conference. Now they can write a book about their scam and make a quick buck.

B. These men actually found a bigfoot and are keeping it a secret till their layers can figure out how they can release the creature while still making a quick buck.

Either way two things hold true. 1. No body has been presented at the conference and 2. you can always follow the dollar.

I say, "Show Me the Monkey!"

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- Alexxx - said...

But if you believe number 2 you'd have to pay an awful lot!