Saturday, May 09, 2009

Real Street Art!

You can't get much closer to street art than art that was made to move on the street. Here are some photos sent to me by a friend who saw my Art-On-The-Move bus design parading by ;)

a bus is real street art

a bus is real street art

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Art-On-The-Move is a public art project featuring artwork from local artists that is exhibited on the sides of CAT buses. 11 other artists were selected to participate in the project.

Here is a look at my original design -->

And here is a look at the original artwork...

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and now for some random ian art...

Ian Sands, Zonkey


Debra Keirce said...

How fun! Great job!

Julia said...

I've always loved your amazing style. That's great that it's now being shown around town where so many more people can enjoy it. Congrats!

lil kim said...

cool! must be great to see your art on the side of a bus!