Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Best of Ian Sands, 2009: Shameless Self Promotion.

January: Vintage 21

Ian Sands, Pop Expressionism Exhibit

Checking out the Yeti. This is the one that started the entire series of foam insulation board critters. Exhibited at Vintage 21, First Night Raleigh.

February: Cary Final Friday

From the Newimal Collection, exhibited February 24 - March 24, 2009 at Coffee & Crepes Crossroads Plaza Cary, NC

March: Street Art Workshop

Was invited to host a Street Art workshop @ Eva Perry Library.

April: the National Gallery

As it turns out, some of my art was seen at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. Highlighter Fox right next to Lichtenstein.

May: The First Lost Critter

the lost critter street art project

Twenty two critters were created and placed at various location in Downtown Apex, NC. On benches, curbs, on top of newspaper boxes, on brick wall and even tied to poles and street signs.

June: The Ice Eggs

ice eggs beach stret art

Watching the birds interact with the nests gave this the feeling of being one of our most successful street... or uhm.. beach art projects yet! About two hours later the eggs were completely melted and the tide took the seaweed drifting back out to sea.

July: Name the Zonkey Winner

name the zoneky

We left this little zonkey sitting inside the Looking Glass Cafe & Boutique in Carrboro, NC with the following message: Please take a minute to enter a name for this Zonkey. 1st place: Debra the Zonkey. Runner up: Hannah

August: 500 Critters Released in Apex

the lost critter project

This August, 500 critters will be lurking around various locations in Downtown Apex, NC. These foam board critters will be left on benches, curbs, on top of newspaper boxes, on brick wall and even tied to poles and street signs. The lost Critter Project is a collaborative public arts effort between the businesses of Downtown Apex, NC and Apex High School Art students and teacher.

September: Zonkey Turns Up In Cape Cod!

Almost 800 miles and 2 months after Zonkey's last sighting in Morehead, NC, Zonkey number three has turned up in Woods Hole, MA!! Better know as Cape Cod.

October: Bus at the Gallery

The Art-On-The-Move bus was part of a gallery exhibit.

November: Post-It Note Critters

post-it notes, critters, ian sands

At school I stuck a few post it notes to the whiteboard. Later, I drew some eyes on one of the post its. That got me thinking. I wonder how many critters I could make with these post it notes?

December: Merry Moosifesto!

moosifesto, wake forest coffee

Let's all gather round the Crittermas tree and sings songs about the soon to come days when moose will replace reindeer! Moosifesto is on and happening now at Wake Forest Coffee Company in Wake Forest, NC!

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