Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Interactive Room

Even though the show isn't till next Fall, I'm getting ready for the Halle. So what will be the theme? Glad you asked. It is going to be called the Interactive Room.

There is so much you can find out about a person just by going into their house. You can look at the food the eat, the books they read, the music they listen too and you will know so much more about a person than you can learn on Wikipedia.

The Interactive Room will present all the things you would find in a room and allow the visitors to add, take away or change anything. By the end of the show, the Room will be a portrait of everyone that has visited.

So how do we start? By erasing the initial "face" and replacing it with white paint.

The Book Case:

I'm painting the covers white so you can write on them. Make them your books.

Do it Yourself Bass Lessons

Pick up the bass. Pluck.

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