Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Localized Perspective!

This is a test for a project I want to do next year with the Art One students. It's called Localized Perspective. The idea is to create an image on a non flat surface that looks correct but only from one point of view.

We started by writing our words on a transparent viewfinder. Even though we wrote UP using block letters, we decided to start by only creating the P.

One person looks through the viewfinder and gives directions to the other person who lays the guide tape.

After all the guide tape is in place, duct tape is laid on top. In the future I'd like to use different colored duct tape... red, blue, pink.. something more colorful.

Here you see the "P" from the wrong angle...

Here it is from the right angle. Of course, this would have worked out better if the baseboard and the tape weren't the same color.. but the concept works!

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