Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Critter Cube Book

I've caught a cold and it has really put a damper on my Critter Cube construction. It's hard to swing a hammer when you have to stop for a tissue every two seconds. So I thought, instead of being non productive, I would take this time to start some of the sketches for the Critter Cube Book.

There are three sections planned for the Critter Cube book. The first section will introduce the characters. Since the Critter Cube Book is designed to be interactive, this section will allow the reader to decide what characteristics each character will have.

The second part of the book will allow the reader to write his or her own story. There will be prompts that the reader can use as helpful guides but the story will be determined by them.

The third section of the book will be a flip book that will allow the reader to change not only the story line, but also the characters by simply flipping the pages. The following pictures are designed for that section...

The above pictures would all be on the left side of the book. Each page will them be divided into three sections. The reader can then cut the sections and flip only the sections they choose to flip. The results could be similar to what you see below..


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Reuben Hopper said...

how did you think of those wierd pictures! im writing a book! check out mine!