Thursday, November 25, 2010


Critter is an art creation stolen from me by Christy Evers. Next thing I knew she was sending him to visit KIDLIT writers/bloggers/artists.

For the last year, Critter has been shipped, and I can't say they were all critter friendly shipping methods, to writers and artists all over the world. Each writer then wrote their name on Critter which I'm sure hurt.

After their scrawl, each writer would place critter in horrible situations, taking his photo and then posting it on their blog for all the world to see. How humiliating!

Some bloggers were extra mean (see photo below), going so far as to dressing him up in, I hate to even say this it is so horrifying, a Canadian team's hockey gear! Then they called him fat!

Now the cruelest part of the entire ordeal begins.

Instead of just letting Critter go, they plan to auction him off like he is some sort of prized heifer! To add insult to injury, they decided Critter wasn't valuable enough on his on so they are adding all this other stuff to "sweeten the deal."

Here is the disgusting list:

Melissa Higgins—a Writer’s Kit (chocolate, journal, gift card & 8X10 photo of Critter)
PJ Hoover—a Forgotten Worlds set & a ten page critique
Beth Revis—a query critique
Tina Ferraro—a copy of Top Ten Uses for an Unworn Prom Dress, How to Hook a Hottie, and The ABC's of Kissing Boys (all signed).
Cynthia Willis—a copy of Dog Gone (paperback) & Buck Fever (hardcover) (signed & personalized)
Bish Denham—a beautiful hand-made tatted dolphin bookmark
Nandini Bajpai--a copy of Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book (signed)
Jacqui Robbins--a copy of Two of a Kind (signed)
Christina Farley--a Chocolate Fun Pack (decadent chocolates & hot chocolates, copy of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) + a 10 page critique
Rena Jones—a copy of A new Job for Dilly (signed)
Kelly Polark—Poetry Pack (Poetrees by Douglas Florian & Stampede: Poems to Celebrate the Wild Side of School + signed bookplate)
Jill S Alexander—copy of Sweetheart (hardcover)
Angela Ackerman & Becca Puglisi—an Art Compilations Book by Robert Bateman (signed), a $15 Starbucks Gift Card a & 1st chapter critique (Becca)
Christy Evers—a $50 Amazon Gift Card
Ellen Oh--a Korean Gift Box ( YA book + treats with a Korean flair!)
Ian Sands—your very own CRITTER and a Critter-interactive-art-book (signed).

And then, if this isn't enough, there's also a Career-Boosting GRAND PRIZE: a PERSONAL, 45 MINUTE SKYPE or IM CHAT with authors Beth Revis (YA, Across the Universe), PJ Hoover (MG Forgotten Worlds Trilogy) & Jacqui Robbins (PB, The New Girl and Me, Two of a Kind) where the winner can collectively pick the brains of these pros about writing, publishing and the current marketplace, learning valuable information to help them succeed.

In the end they say they are giving the money away to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. At least that is what they say. I'm sure it is some money laundering operation.

Worst of all, they posted all the rules for winning on the Bookshelf Muse blog. That makes it so easy for people to just click this link and participate. Gag! I hope you don't click this link and participate cause them you might win and then you would have to deal with all the guilt that comes from a year's worth of being mean to Critterpalooza!

Ps Contest runs until Sunday afternoon, November 28th. Winners will be announced on Monday, November 29th.

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C.R. Evers said...

mwwwa ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

(for the record, we called him "chubby" not "fat")