Saturday, January 22, 2011

Class Set

Inspired by my trip to the National Portrait Gallery in DC, I'm starting a new series of paintings based on portraits of students.

The initial concept is to incorporate the portrait along with writings, scribbles, sketches, tweets and even Facebook status to create a mixed media portrait.. oh, and each student gets to pose with his or her favorite critter.

This first painting is a prototype of the series to be titled Class Set. The girl in the painting is Alex. The text and post-its are writings and scribbles from the previous Halle exhibit. I'm not sure who wrote what but since this was just a proof of concept painting, it's not really important. However, future paintings will contain scribbles and notes create by the person in the painting.

Coming Soon:

The one missing piece to this artwork is interactivity. I plan to incorporate moving parts, electronics and switches into each artwork. This will give viewers the ability to turn the art on and off and the artwork the ability to move and light up.

The Making Of:

The painting started by dropping torn pieces of scribbles, notes and post-its onto a piece of cardboard.

I painted over a photo of Alex. Since Alex is into photography, I thought it would be appropriate to incorporate her photography. plus, i'm really lazy. Why paint a portrait when I can paint by numbers?

So now I need to find some subjects.. Who wants to be painted??

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