Saturday, August 13, 2011

An Interactive Christmas

... in August??

Well, yes in August because i'm preparing for this seasons Moosifesto! That's right, we will be returning to Wake Forest Coffee Company this year for Moosifesto. We missed last year due to another Wake forest project, the Critter Cubes. But this year we will be back and with an exciting interactive project...

i submit to you,
The Crittermas Advent Calendar!
(currently in beta)

Beta, because this isn't the actual Crittermas Advent Calendar but it is a prototype. The concept is simple:

The wall of Wake Forest Coffee will be covered with Critter Bookshelves. Placed on the shelves will be 24 wrapper Crittermas presents. Presents will range from Critter ornaments to signed copies of my book (shameless plug), CD filled with Crittermas music and more!

Each day, a special coffee cup with a number attached will be place with the other cups. If a customer gets a coffee with a number on it, they will get to open to corresponding Crittermas Advent calendar present!

How very exciting, yes I know!!

So now I'm off like Will Farrell to make 24 Crittermas gifts to place in the Crittermas Advent Calendar.

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Mrs E (in Texas) said...

Hey Ian,
I am finalizing my fall schedule for this school year and realized i don't have "Take an Art Teacher a Scone day"
on there a date and is there a specific flavor for this year?

Karen E