Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kryptos on Zonkey Street

Starting a new collection titled Kryptos on Zonkey Street right in time for Halloween! There are currently five in the series...

Cover of the Shellless box. The Shellless live in the pond....

Above Gearbox and an old school Shellless

The Pumpkin Weasel.. playing hide and seek in the pumpkin patch is never a good idea.. unless you never want to be found!

Above, new school Shellless and Pumpkin Weasel toys.

Gearbox, from the story of the Metal Marble, is a half real-half robotic turtle found off the dock of the Crab & Grab restaurant. This is the box cover, more story coming soon...

Find out where you can get a Kryptos on Zonkey Street toy ..
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ps, this first round is already a collectors item cause I spelled Kryptos wrong on the first few boxes ;)


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