Thursday, March 14, 2013

Love and Pancakes

One of my students told me she had to write a speech for her Speech 2 class. She needed to write the speech based on a quote. I said the only quote I know is one I made up..

“Love is better than pancakes, and pancakes are really good.”

To my surprise, she used this quote for her speech. Today, she received her grade. 100. :)  Below is the speech she gave.

Hello my name is Katelynn W and I wanted to start off talking about one of the art teachers at our school, Mr. Sands. He teaches Art 1, computer art, and art history.  He is very creative, fun, supportive, and is one of my favorite teachers. So after I was given this assignment to talk about a motivational speech, I asked him what his favorite inspirational quote was.  He replied with a quote he made himself which is:” Love, is better than pancakes.  And pancakes are really really really really good.”
 So naturally after hearing that, I started daydreaming about pancakes.  I imagined waking up on a Sunday morning to the smell of freshly made warm pancakes, and after getting out of a nice warm bed, I pictured an endless table FULL of every type of pancake you could imagine.  Fresh chocolate chip pancakes where the chocolate chips are still warm and melty, and it’s piled with whipped cream, or maybe pumpkin spice pancakes with a little bit of cinnamon and powdered sugar or those little Mickey Mouse pancakes with the cute little ears.  There are SO many different types of pancakes; from the batter recipe to all the different toppings the possibilities are endless.
And think of ALL the different people who would be at that table.  People who you never would have thought you had something in common with, probably people you never thought you’d get a long with. But there you all are surrounding each other, while you’re all enjoying freshly made pancakes, being happy. Together.
 Love is a lot like pancakes. Love is what connects us all together, it is what inspires us, what drives us; it’s what makes us human.  Love is made up of so many different emotions, experiences, and “recipes” .  Love is different for every person, just like how every pancake is unique.  I also think that everyone loves differently too, and in order to experience love to its fullest beauty, we have to accept love in all of its different, odd, and wonderful ways. 
 You can find love for everything and everyone. I know personally, I find that people can get really annoying, frustrating, and can be just plain stupid. However, I also know that every person has a quality that makes them brilliant.  Every single person on the planet deserves love, and ONLY YOU have the power to give your love to someone, and to make the difference.  Remember, you don’t have to like people; you just have to love them.
  I’d like to leave you with, what I believe to be the most important part of that quote. Where it says: “love is better than pancakes”. Better. Love is what we need to share with everyone. What you can share with everyone and what will be shared with you in return.  Love is what lasts, love is what brings happiness, and love is what will bring out a radiant and a rarely seen beauty that will last much longer than any pancake ever will. 

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Unknown said...

As an adult I am truly moved by this! It is amazing the talent and deep reflection of some of our students. It really makes me excited about teaching to see students making connections like this. Cool speech.