Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hurricanes Win Stanley Cup

At 5 o’clock, Jim leans over my cube wall. I have an extra ticket to the game. You want to go? (derr!) Go to the ATM and meet me at the Eye. …. I run into him in the parking lot. He hands me my ticket. Game on.

Outside, the band played Ozzy, Crazy Train but changed the lyrics. I’m going off the rails on a Hurricane. Stormy comes off the stage and we hang.

Inside the place was crazy loud. Nobody sat. Not even the white haired granny sitting in front of me. The people were an interesting mix. Some guy Max sat behind me. He drove down from Virginia and had never been to a game before. Max was excited to say the least. He adopted Jim and I as his new bestest friends.

The horn sounded, the confetti dropped, the streamers flew… my voice is gone!

Cam Ward was awarded MVP. Good for him!

In the parking lot, the fat guy with no shirt and beer running down his face screaming, "celebrate!" ... high fives me. Beer splats off our hands. OK celebration over. Dude, go take a shower.

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