Saturday, June 03, 2006


Last weekend I took my sketchbook to the beach. I wanted to do a few gesture drawings of the kids playing in preparation for a new picture book dummy I’m starting. Later, I’ll turn these sketches into illustrations for the story. I thought these sketches would work for this week’s Illustration Friday word, Portrait.

This is a sketch of my daughter done in a small beach café waiting for our food to come. I asked her for a snotty pose : )

These are some color sketches I did later at home using the first sketch as a reference.


Weichuen You said...

I like the third one a lot!

Deardeedle said...

The first one is my third favorite for this topic. [I always pick 3, comment, and then stop.] Anyway - the figures are great, the openness is great, the simplicity is great. You did a marvelous job.