Sunday, July 16, 2006

Did you miss me? No? Did you even notice I was gone? Oh well that's ok. But I'm back! Where did I go? You ask. The beach, Emerald Island. For a week. Gee, you would think you would have noticed.

We did lots of stuff. Went on a sail boat, went snorkeling, went clamming, cooked the clams, ate the clams (ate some raw too), saw some turtles, saw some dolphins, did a little shopping, and of course... made a sand castle.

We made two sand castles but this is the only one I took photos of. It was about four feet high and was a traditional type of sand castle with a dragon attacking. This is from the back.

This shot is from the side. Alex and I also made a very extra cool sand castle of a mermaid. It was coming out really great. Then the face and chest slid right off. Alex and I both screamed NOOoooo! Everyone looked at us like we were doinks but we had worked pretty hard on it. Then we rebuilt it into a sea which with a crabs body. It wasn't as good but some people came buy and took photos of it anyway. I wonder if they blogged those photos? Hmmm...

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