Saturday, January 20, 2007

Super Hero

Every Super Hero has a secret identify. It’s time to reveal the truth about Pony.

Pony Wombat started out not as the third grade hero of the chapter book Pony Wombat and the Second Ark, but as a bass player in an 80’s band called the Wombats.

(Buried in Blue 1987. Pony, third from the left in white shirt)

The Wombats was a three-piece band whose members originated from an earlier blues band called Buried in Blue. In Ramones style, each member took on the last name wombat. There was Kevin Wombat, Tommy Wombat and Ian (aka) Pony Wombat.

The band recorded a demo and made good touring clubs in Westchester NY as well as NYC. Venues such as The Crazy Horse, and the now closed Fore N’ Aft were regulars on the list. In March of 1989 the band played their most prominent gig at CBGB’s and OMFUG. However, the Bangles, who were also touring that week, played the Beacon Theater robbing the Wombats blind of patrons who would have otherwise gone to CBGB’s.

In 1991 the members of the band went their separate ways. The original guitarists from Buried in Blue regrouped and are currently playing clubs in the Westchester area. Roger, drummer for both BIB and the Wombats owns Loria Awards in Yonkers NY. He is currently working on a drum project. And Pony, well he became a third grade hero.

(Pony Wombat 1988)

Ian Sands will be reading excepts from Pony Wombat and the Second Ark on Story Night at Chick-fill-a in RTP,NC on March 20th 2007.

Listen to a Wombat song:

The Wombats - Gesibel's Angel.mp3

1988 recording on a Wombat original.

Use To Be A Wombat.mp3

Solo project by Pony. All the lyrics were taken from old Wombats songs and reassembled to create this unique tune.

What Angels Came To Say.mp3

Studio version of a Christmas song recorded by the band Karen Ray. Written by former Wombat member, Pony.

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