Saturday, January 27, 2007

Water Tower Sketches from Apex, NC

Sitting on the hard ground, in the cold, this morning was a far stretch from sitting on the beach of Daufuskie Island. But Grayson and I decided we wanted to go out sketching so we went.

Grayson sketches turned out much better than mine and I should be posting his instead.

This first sketch is the Tipper Tie water tower. I guess Tipper Tie has it's own water tower because this one is right behind their building. Plus it has Tipper Tie written on it.

Tipper Tie operates a full scale aluminum wire mill here, which includes wire drawing, annealing, etching, spooling and coiling to customers' specifications. (I had to look all that up ;)

We found two more water towers. Apex has at least three. There is another one right next to this one in downtown near the train station.

Next Saturday, Grayson and I have decided that we are going to sketch the geese and the trains downtown.

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