Friday, June 29, 2007

Roxopods Day one; evening

During dinner, Becky kept looking at the images on her camera while mumbling, “Something different about image 0089.”

It wasn’t until we were back in the hotel room where we were able to export the image to the mobile lab computer that we could clearly see what Becky had photographed.

Upon closer inspection and further enhancement of the image, you can clearly see a difference in the rock formation on the west side of the building. There appears to be an oval shaped creature about halfway up the side of the wall. The team is in agreement that this indeed is a roxopod, most likely a granipillar.

Since there was only enough funding for one night, the team will be back at the university tomorrow. However, we feel certain Becky’s photographs will provide enough evidence for future roxopod expedition funding.

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Janelle said...

Ian, you're so crazy. I love it.
- Janelle B