Saturday, July 21, 2007

Newimals: The Pigrate Hunt
By Ian Sands

Chapter One: A New Room

Becky and I took two steps into the cold room.

“This is where you’ll sleep,” said Aunt Sax, our new guardian. “At least, when we are here.”

I glanced around. If it weren’t for the two beds and a small wooden dresser, the room would be empty. No toys, no posters, not even a clock. I placed my square, blue suitcase on the end of the first bed. It contained everything I owned.

“Don’t bother unpacking,” said Aunt Sax. “We leave in the morning.” She turned and left but the tangerine smell of her perfume stayed in the room.

Becky sat on the edge of the bed. She removed the heart-shaped sunglasses that matched her pink sparkle jeans. “This sucks,” she said.

“Mom wouldn’t like you saying that word.”

“Well Kaden, mom’s not here.”

Becky was right. Mom wasn’t here and mom wasn’t going to be here. Not now, not soon, not ever. Becky’s eyes watered. She put her glasses back on.
I thought I should change the subject. I stuck my nose in the air and took a big sniff.

“At least Aunt Sax smells nice.” I said, which was furthest from the truth.
Becky released a laugh that ended in a sniffle. “Yeah, if you like the smell of grapefruit.”

I flipped open the latch of my suitcase then quickly shut it again. “I get the feeling Aunt Sax thinks this sucks too.”

Becky fiddled with the strap that held a camera around her neck. “Kaden, mom wouldn’t like you using that word.”

“Mom’s not here,” I said. We had gone full circle.

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Kathleen Rietz said...

What happens next...? Sounds like the start of a great least great enough to make me want to read more.

BTW, I answered the questions you asked me on my blog earlier this week. Check it out...and I apologize if it is a little rambly. : )

Thanks for the rminder about my website. My friend Pam came over this morning to help me start uploading artwork to it. But it may be a while before it goes public....I guess you will have to stay tuned.

Hope you are having a good week, Ian.

-kate : )