Saturday, July 21, 2007

Strange Beach Creatures Part 2

Here are three more strange creatures discovered on our morning walks.

First up, The Portuguese man-of-war.

Isn’t he cute? Yes, cute because he is wash up on shore, which is much better then when he is swimming with me.

Here is what I learned about this funky jellyfish:

Man-of-war stings can be serious. Anyone who is stung by the tentacles and develops breathing difficulties or generalized body swelling should be transported to the nearest emergency facility for treatment. In extreme cases, death can result from anaphylactic shock associated with man-of-war toxin exposure.

Next up, giant clam.

This clam tried to eat my hand. I have a big hand. I hope he choked. It took everyone in our crew to pry this giant guy off me. But no hard feelings because this little clam was only a puppy. Someday he will grow to be 70 feet long.

Last but not least, a wish shell.

How lucky to find one! I’m sure you are familiar with the powers of the wishing shell. If you find one you have two choices.

Choice one: ask for up to three wish.
Choice two: hold the wishing shell for an entire day and then you can pass it on to anyone else for up to four wishes.

While the four wishes sounds better, over coming the three wish temptation takes an incredible amount of will power. Either way, when the day is over you must toss the shell back into the ocean to restore the shell’s wish capabilities.

1 comment:

C.R. Evers said...

Why do you get to find all the cool stuff? Not fair.

That wishing shell will be MINE! Mine, I tell you! Then I can take over the world! Or at least Denmark and South East Asia.

Bah ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!