Wednesday, October 03, 2007

SCBWI-NC Conference First Pages

On Saturday afternoon a panel of editors read First Pages. Here is how it works.

Daring authors submit one page from their bestest manuscript for the panel to review. One person on the panel reads the first page then the other editors give their critique of the first page.

First Pages is the kind of thing that sounds like such a great idea and is a great idea as long as the panel isn’t reading your first page. Then is horrifying.

I have submitted first pages for three years now. This year was the first time my first page was read and yes, brutally critiqued.

The panel is reviewing my manuscript.

"Hey what do you think of this?"
"Well it's pretty much crap."
"Really? I was thinking double crap."
"Yes, perhaps you are right."
"So you are saying crap-crap?"
"No, I was thinking crapity crap."
"I also agree."

Ok, I'm totaly kidding!! The editors do a great job and give great advice.

So, after a long cry in the bathroom, followed by another long cry in the lobby, followed by a short cry and a tear up in the hall, I finally was able to swallow the critique. Remember, I said I was out to write the best manuscript ever.

I can take this. I can do this… or maybe I’ve just been down so long that…

Oh dear, I feel another tear up…


C.R. Evers said...

I swear that you hockey players are such delicate little flowers.

You crack me up! :0)

I personally think your first page is awesome and funny! The audience laughed in all the right places!

ian sands said...

They must like it, they clapped.


Janelle said...

You know we think your first page is breath-taking!

Have you made your Cybils suggestions yet?