Monday, October 13, 2008

Crawling South for the Winter

Last winter I lost a few turtles to the cold. The pond just isn't deep enough for the turtles to sufficiently hibernate. So this year I decided I would bring them inside for the winter. But what to put them in?

My first idea was to find a kiddy pool but it's rather hard to find a kiddy pool in October. So I went for the next best thing. A coat storage box.

You're suppose to put your coat in this plastic box and then wheel it under the bed. This seems to make sense until you realize, winter is coming. So why would you want to store your coat?? But they sell the coat storage boxes in October... but not the kiddy pool... strange.

The turtles don't seem to mind. They are happy to climb up on their rock to dry off.

Also in the tank are 4 catfish. We caught these at the beginning of the summer and they weren't even an inch long. Now, three months later they are close to 5 inches long. Next winter I'm going to need a bigger coat box.

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