Saturday, October 11, 2008


The No Fishing Monster went on display tonight in front of the Halle Arts Center in Downtown Apex. It will sit on the bench for one week and is scheduled for pick up 10/21/08

Strings: Fishing

This piece is in the works but the goal is to get it finished and out on the street this week. Destination, the Apex Community Center where Fishing Monster will sit on a bench for a week (unless it rains...).

When complete, the arms (which still need to be attached) will hold onto a fishing pole. The "No Fishing" sign (not completed yet) will free stand next to the bench sitting monster. I also plan to sidewalk chalk a small fishing hole with maybe some goldfish swimming around.

This peice is based on the Reading Monster that sat on a bench downtown during the Apex Arts Festival.

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Kris-Tea said...

Oo! Really cool! :)

Anonymous said...

Very cool!

Janelle said...

Love it!

studio lolo said...

I would totally sit on his lap and read a book!