Saturday, February 26, 2011

More bMouses....

Been creating a few new bMouse every weekend. These will all be for the Block Gallery show.

Zonkey Stop Signs

Also been creating some Zonkey Stop signs for the unveiling of the 2011 Art-On-The-Move... as part of the celebration for the opening of the City's Transit Operations Center on May 12.

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Bmouse said...

That bMouse sure is one cute critter. (full disclosure: I actually chanced upon bMouse while doing a completely pointless Google Image search to see what randomnosity the search engine would churn up if I typed in my nickname.. which just happens to be Bmouse.) As a big fan of urban/interactive/guerilla art, I'm psyched by all the crazy projects you have going on in Zonkey Street, and love how they encourage a sense of whimsy and play.

P.S: Any chance of letting a bMouse cross an ocean or two?