Monday, March 21, 2011

Seattle: A bMouse Point of View

bMouse went with me to Seattle this weekend for the NAEA 2011 conference. His name is Glued Shut because the book he is made from is so bad that I did you a favor by glueing it shut...

Here is the main entrance to Seattle. At least it was for me. I crawled up out of a hole in the ground somewhere right around here

There are a lot of people on the streets of Seattle doing stuff. Most of them are street musicians.. I saw people playing drums and guitars and saxophones and people raising money for Japan and people raising money for themselves and these guys who were very interested in making sure I go to Heaven. They were very polite and posed with bMouse.

bMouse strolled down to the Market.

and saw the original Starbucks... and saw the line and decided he could get coffee at any number of Starbucks in Seattle... which are like grains of sand at the beach. Notice: more street musicians.

They sell lots of fish at the market. Every time they sell a fish, they throw a fish. It is very entertaining. Plus the fish are all jumbo sized. This fish guy let bMouse pose with his super jumbo shrimp.. not sure how you have a jumbo shrimp but...

Now bMouse smells.

The End

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